Rack of lamb dinner by a firePicture this....a candlelit room, a fire crackling in the fireplace, glasses filled with your favorite wine, the fragrant smell of perfectly grilled steak or salmon, a colorful display of steamed fresh vegetables, your favorite partner or dinner guests.....and best of all, you don't have to drive! The setting is your home, your dining room and a dinner perfectly prepared for that special evening or event.

Bernier's Bistro is a new style of dining. The chef comes to you, shops with you and helps design your menu for the night or event. He cooks in your home and serves you while you enjoy entertaining your guests. Bernier's Bistro takes the effort out of planning where to go, what to order and the quality of food you receive. Everything is done to your desire.

We want this to be an amazing and unique dining experience for you and your guests. Why don't you give us a try. Please call us at 262-993-4510 to set a date or to inquire further for additional information. Check out our Rave Page and see what other customers have said about their unique dining experience with Bernier's Bistro.

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